Home & Contents Insurance


Domestic Armour (Buildings) – This policy will cover damage to the whole or part of your property including alterations done by yourself or tenants to the buildings and structures. We provide cover for damages caused by fire, lightning or thunderbolt, explosion, and other perils stated in our policy.

House Insurance – a comprehensive policy which provides cover for your residential building, household contents, motor and personal effects.

Personal Property – We provide cover for residential buildings, household contents and portable personal effects.


It covers loss or damage to property as a result of an insured risk.

Insured Risks (Causes)

  1. Fire, lightning, thunderbolt, subterranean fire, explosion.
  2. Riot strike and malicious damage (excluding political riot)
  3. Storm, tempest
  4. Flood, Earthquake
  5. Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom.
  6. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks apparatus, pipes or domestic appliances
  7. Impact with any of the said buildings by any road vehicle or animal.
  8. Housebreaking or any attempt thereat.
  9. Theft or any attempt
  10. Falling trees excluding trees felled by the Insured or upon his instructions.
  11. Accidental collapse of television and radio aerials and masts

Domestic Armour Cover – This policy will cover damage to the whole or part of the buildings owned by the insured resulting from fire, floods, lightning or thunderbolt, explosion, and other hazards stated in our policy.

House-owners (Buildings Cover) – Covers accidental loss or damage to the main building and all outbuildings including gates, swimming pools and boreholes. Fixtures and fittings also covered. Structure, Roof (geysers), broken pipes, gates & outbuildings. Rates depend on the nature of construction (both roof and structure) and riskiness.

All Risks (Contents)  Covers is for normal household furniture only.

  • Insurance is based on replacement cost
  • Property is covered while at the insured address only, temporary cover can be arranged for temporary movement of such property upon notice.
  • Theft is only covered following violent and visible exit/entry to premises
  • Fraud excluded and punishable at law.
  • Theft by residents (household members) and domestic workers not covered. Connivance excluded as well.

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